On-Brokers was established originally with the purpose of supporting the international trade business community in southern California, having been able at this point to organize a professional and capable group of responsible people trained to effectively perform in the different areas of international logistics.

Our customer’s satisfaction is the motivation that triggers our enthusiasm in the performance of our day-to-day activities. The simplification of a process that is naturally complex is our challenge, and we gladly confront it every day so that we can deliver our customers with a product that exceeds their service expectations.

We can account for a group of professional people specialized in documenting international transactions such as importations into Mexico, our Mexican Customs Broker affiliate, rendering services at our location with the exclusive purpose of expediting the importation process, highly demanded by our customers to ensure timely delivery of goods to the manufacturing operations in Mexico. We do our best to fully comply with Mexico and US Customs rules and regulations while documenting international trade transactions and maintain an open communication with all of our customers to provide the necessary advice anytime is needed. Also in support of the international trade business community in the region, On-Brokers is available at our facility to satisfy our customers trucking requirements.

Our international logistics and freight forwarding services include receiving and shipping, distribution, inventory cycle counting, selective merchandise inspections, short and long term storage, preparation on site of Mexico Customs documents and US Customs SEDs. While the stay at our facilities, your merchandise is handled under a clean, organized and safe environment. With the purpose to fully integrate ourselves into our customers production process we have in place a communications structure supported with the latest technology. The automation of our key processes enable our customers to view their warehousing activity on line, receive timely shipping documentation through electronic files in support of a paperless process. We maintain an amicable and respectful relationship with the representatives of the trucking companies servicing our customers in order to ensure the continuity of a high quality service.